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Nenge Simplicity for Shinichiro Ogata and Satoshi Kawamoto

Nenge Simplicity for Shinichiro Ogata and Satoshi Kawamoto

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  • Book written in collaboration by OGATA Shinichiro, president of the SIMPLICITY group and the 'plant' artist KAWAMOTO Satoshi.

    We have brought together photographs from the exhibition made by Ogata and Kawamoto which was held in April 2016 at the YAKUMO SARYO restaurant in Tokyo on the theme of silence and movement.

    Take a look at the stimulating trajectory of “modern flowers” ​​by Ogata and Kawamoto which is neither ikebana nor flower arranging. Ogata attempts to express Japan in different ways through the concept of "creating contemporary Japanese culture".

    The word NENGE comes from“Flower Sermon” which tells the mysteries of the law with the heart and soul.

    The book is written in Japanese and English.

    Made in Japan
  • Co-authored by Shinichiro Otaga, founder and designer of Simplicity, and plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto
  • Features photographs by Eisuke Komatsubara and Yuichi Ikeda
  • Art Direction by Shinichiro Ogata
  • Published by Seigensha Art Publishing Inc.
  • The title "Nenge" comes from the Buddhist legend of "Nenge Misho" who represents the wonder of "heart-to-heart communication"
  • Contains photographs and writing
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