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Feel Free Vol I Leanne Ford

Feel Free Vol I Leanne Ford

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These pages are all about people creating fully and freely, in any creative genre. Reminding all of us that we can do the same. I wouldn’t call this a magazine really… this, my friends, is a WORKbook! This is a skinny dog-ear-it, mark-it-up, tear-it-out kind of book. Circle it, underline it. Cross it out, for all I care. Just get that creative energy flowing! 

I have love, love, loved showing you all the artists I’ve met, the ideas I’ve “stolen,” the projects I’ve done over the years. It brings me such joy to know it’s encouraging you to think differently. So, yeah, this is a workbook. Filled with projects to rip out and rip off, ideas to steal, formulas to try, and then to make your own. It’s a kind of “choose your own adventure” party around here! (If ya know, ya know.) This is filled with befores and afters (everyone’s favorites), pictures of old, new, and never-before-seen projects.And even more fun, this is a place for me to share those that inspire me: artists, photographers, writers, designers, shop owners, creative souls...all people who didn’t worry about if it was going to work, if they were going to fail (a lot of failures were involved…). I’ve even made a “mix tape” for you (I mean... playlist... sorry, old habit!) to enjoy in your own home. It’s time to create a vibe. 

Inspiration comes from everywhere—all the time.


* this book is in great used condition *

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