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Moonman - Onyx Collective

Moonman - Onyx Collective

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The first release from the "NYXO Records" label, which was launched by the jazz group "Onyx Collective" that started on the streets of downtown New York in 2014

, is a record by next-generation soul singer Nick Hakim and NY jazz legend Roy Nathanson. Co-authored "Small Things" Moonman Book mainly contains photos taken during the PV shooting.

When you watch both the PV and the book, you can connect the fragmented stories of the work and increase your understanding.

The hand style message of the graffiti writer "PEAR" in the book also has an impact.

Centered around the Onvx Collective

Isaiah Barr, childhood friends and high school classmates who are jazz lovers gathered in an area called ONYX in Brooklyn, New York.

This is said to be the beginning of Onyx Collective.

At a young age, he mixed free jazz, R&B, funk, etc. in his own way, and released records that caught the attention of Know Wave and Supreme.

In recent years, they have launched "NYXO" to collaborate more deeply with the New York community, which is their roots and


It's a label for fellow musicians and a platform for visual artists and photographers to showcase.

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